what is a freelance web designer?

A freelance web designer or web developer is someone who is independent of a larger organization. He typically works by himself and for various clients and agencies. With clients, we typically take on the full project from logo design, web design, cutup (slicing), CMS Integration and finally building out the content and launching it.

There are other steps beyond the actual work, such as managing the projects, accounting, sales and marketing that most freelancers will do in addition to actual work that directly leads to income.

How freelance web designers work.
A freelance web designer will typically work in an organized fashion. We are in charge of scheduling all of our work while still working to get income in, worry about accounting and project management. All of this is a delicate balance of duties and can be daunting to someone starting out as a freelance web designer.

Most freelance web designers subscribe to a specific skill set and will outsource to other freelancers a portion of a project they aren’t proficient in. There are designers who focus on branding and design, but will outsource the XHTML / CSS coding and any development. Other web designers are proficient in design and coding, with a bit of development to compliment some of the limited programming necessary on projects. Often what gets outsourced is the programming, so freelance web designers will work directly with a developer to do the functionality. Trying to do it all will always leave one portion of a project, depending on the scope, a little lacking if the freelancer isn’tproficient at the skill.

Dedication and the ability to manage yourself well is incredibly important. We work alone and for any number of different clients and agencies and our livelihood depends solely on our ability to get work and complete work in a timely fashion.


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