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Introducing … BigCommerce, one of those rare programs that has a ton of features, but is also refreshingly easy to use.  All the user has to do is design an engaging store, fill it with good products and wait for success .  Here are some testimonials from successful online retailers using BigCommerce to sell online. If you want to CUSTOMIZE your cart, ask us. That’s what we do!

Jeff Kastning, Harris Levy

“BigCommerce has been fantastic in terms of usability and features. It enabled us to design and develop a custom site that embodies the history and physical store in New York. The order system makes it easy for staff to process and ship orders out and keep track of what’s going on. We were also able to integrate custom features such as a county tax system and a purchase group feature that allows shoppers to purchase items from the same collection all on one product page.”

Bryan York, FS2 Crew

“We switched from OSCommerce. We highly recommend BigCommerce to anyone looking for an extremely easy to use, yet sophisticated e-cart system. The support is 1st class and we’re very glad we made the switch.”

James Jack, Salty Pear

“Very positive. Smooth, well designed interface. Responsive and friendly support team. It feels good knowing that help is just a button click away. New features are being added continuously and updates are frequent (unlike some of the larger competitors which are basically dead in the water development wise)”


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