Blogging and The Small Business Dream

What is the one thing you can do that will let you steal customers from right underneath the noses of the old dogs at the big companies?

Blogging, of course.

The End of the Road for Traditional Business Marketing
There are quite a few very successful businesses out there who no longer purchase print advertising: no newspaper or magazine ads. Not even a yellow pages ad in the phonebook. Good-bye, Phonebook

The first thing people now turn to is the Internet. In fact, 75% of people look to the Web first when searching for a service provider or business of any kind—including your business. And when we say “searching,” we mean it literally. People go to Google and search for what they want. Google is the new phonebook.

What about Pay-Per-Click?
It depends on your business, but in many cases, Internet advertising isn’t the solution to a steady stream of new customers. It’s something that helps after you’ve already established your long-term value on the Web. By itself, Internet advertising isn’t the answer.

Consider the most common service by which Internet advertising is done nowadays, Google AdWords. Google AdWords advertising is known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, because every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay for that click. You create ads and bid on keywords, which are search terms people type in Google’s search box. The highest bid gets the top display position on a search results page or in Google’s content network of sites that run AdSense advertising. The competition for many business-related keywords is fierce and expensive.

PPC Disadvantages: No Trust, No Permanence

Why Should I Be Blogging?

  • A blog will enable you to deepen relationships with your fans. They find fresh, relevant content that is useful to them – and have a place where they feel heard. You need to encourage and enable your readers to engage in the conversation.
  • Attract new visitors by demonstrating you are willing to provide them with information in a form and fashion they can understand and use. People using Google will find your business or firm a lot easier if you have a blog.
  • Blogging is actually a perfect way for a new business or professional service firm to become a so called “expert” in their own niche.
  • Your blog will be a tool to enhance and develop valuable partnerships with other businesses or firms. We can say from our own experience this is very true. We have all developed some great partnerships over the last couple of months alone because of our blogs.
  • A blog is a great place to put testimonials from clients and customers.
  • Learn more about your industry just by jumping in and starting a blog and using social media tools to grow your blog.
  • Position yourself as a “thought leader” or “opinion shaper” in your niche, business area or industry.

Blogging is something that any business can do and it has long-range positive effects on client/customer acquisition and reputation. Unlike traditional advertising or PPC advertising, it’s affordable and effective. Thanks to web analytics, you can see exactly how effective it is. And let’s not forget to mention what you see when you look at your bottom line.

Blogging is an entirely new way for business or professional service firms to market themselves—one that works just as well for any business. Those who are blogging effectively already possess a decided advantage over those that do not. The proof is already all around you. Thousands of small business and professional services firms are blogging right now…

They’re raking in customers. They’re building trust and a reputation. And they’re doing it in this economy.


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