The New Website 2010

(Before Facebook, you know) circa 2003, websites were often attractive online brochures for companies to trumpet their goods and services to a target audience. I used to tell business owners that now their life would be so much easier because they could just refer incoming calls to their website for more info, etc. No more emailing, snail mailing, faxing spec sheets.

I used to also say to small business folks that the world was their oyster because their website could also reach a broader audience. The so-called “cold market”. Thanks to proper keywords, content and AdWords. No more cold calling and cut down on those Yellow Pages overpriced ads.

Well, none of the above has changed! Except websites. Right. This doesn’t make sense. But, it will. Read on.

Your standard, standalone static website is no more. It is now automatically dynamic, linked to and from Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress. It is a 48-hour THING pulsing and emitting stuff from and to everywhere, capturing the attention of humans you don’t know and never will, except for their phone calls, emails and credit cards.

Yes, your website can now earn money like never before.

Don’t look now. It’s gaining on you. Here are some surprising facts:

With 500 million users, Facebook has doubled in size since birth six years ago.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine … bigger than Yahoo and bigger than Bing.

There are over 25 million WordPress publishers. WordPress blogs are the instant free way to keep your website updated.

Twitter is electronic word of mouth advertising: for many mom-and-pop shops with no ad budget, Twitter has become their sole means of marketing!

LinkedIn has more than 60 million members geared to the professional business crowd.
(Credibility Enhancer: LinkedIn is the best way to link from your website to your resume/bio.)

Enter Smartphones:
Social networking is one of the most popular and fastest-growing behaviors on the mobile Web. Today, 91% of Americans are mobile phone subscribers. Based on Nielsen’s estimate, 50% of these mobile subscribers will be smartphone users by 2011. What does that portend?

Okay, now you can look over your shoulder! What do you see? I hope it is not that raggedy old website of yours, oh so last century, or oh so last year. Last month?

Welcome The Ubiquitous Website.


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