Gain Credibility with Custom Web Design

Why not just do a cheaper template based Web design for my business?

It is easy to understand why small business owners are attracted to the idea of a simple website based on a generic template. Many business owners feel pressured to have at least some form of Web presence and often look for a simple and cheap alternative to a professionally designed website.

However, if you are serious about developing a credible and profitable Web presence, you need to consider the following:

  1. The visual impact of your site on potential customers. Stanford Web Credibility Research has yielded the following: “We find that a broad range of design decisions ranging from visual elements to information architecture to the use of advertisements can powerfully influence whether visitors are likely to find a site credible.”
    “Like human communicators, Web sites benefit (or suffer) based upon their appearance. We find that people quickly evaluate a site by visual design alone. When designing your site,  pay attention to layout, typography, images, consistency issues, and more.” (
    Bottom-line: Quality custom web design dramatically increases your credibility on the Web. It’s really that simple.
  2. You should hire a Web professional if:
    ->You do not want to learn the many Web Design and Usability Guidelines for good Web design.
    ->You are unfamiliar with Web Standards, or the varied needs of different web browsers.
    ->You do not understand Search Engine Optimization.
    ->You do not want to spend a lot of your valuable time working on your web site.
  3. Pick the right professional for your needs. Three suggestions:
    -> Skill. Make sure that your prospective Web professional has the right skills for your project. Ask questions. Do a little research. Check out their portfolio.
    ->Communication. Web professionals are people, not computers. Fine one you can easily and comfortably communicate with!
    -> Be objective and use your critical thinking abilities when interviewing prospective Web pros.




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