Is Facebook killing websites?

AdAge columnist, Pete Blackshaw asks whether we still need websites given the growing corporate use of Twitter, Facebook and “cool” applications.

Another web guru says,  “Like print newspapers, basketball players under 6 feet tall, and the McRib sandwich, the website as we know it will soon be a thing of the past – a quaint reminder of the original Internet era.”

With social media becoming a way for companies to engage with existing and potential customers, do websites have a strong role to play?

Yes, is the answer! I believe websites will remain a vibrant small business and corporate tool … THE Digital Tool to establish trust and credibility for your business. But, I do believe HOW websites are created and used will change to complement social media. Websites will need to be agile, flexible and easy for people to leave feedback. Websites need to become a solid foundation upon which social media, e-commerce and mobile services leverage and support.

From the work I’m doing with clients, the evolution of websites is already happening. No longer simply places to get information about what a company offers or makes, websites need to engage, entertain and educate. A compelling website should encourage people to do something – ask for more information, watch a video, subscribe to a blog, “like” a Facebook Page, follow a Twitter account, or even purchase a product or service.

The emergence of social media is prompting more companies to re-examine their websites, now tired, outdated and uninspiring.

Always invest in building a great web site, with great content and links to tools such as Facebook, Twitter and your email newsletter service that can enhance and bolster your web site. But DO have your own web site, with a domain name. In the long run, it’s like having a house that you can always improve and make better and better.

The benefits of a traditional web site, with your own business domain are invaluable and something Facebook simply can’t match. Being able to customize your web site and market it as a portal for your videos, blog, gateway to your Facebook page … these are just some of the reasons you need a web site.


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