Facebook’s Global Footprint

visit social networking or blogging sites.

Time spent on social network and blogging sites is growing at over 3x the rate of overall Internet growth.

Social networks/ blogs are now the fourth most popular online category – ahead of personal e-mail.

The social network audience is
becoming more encompassing.

Facebook’s greatest growth in global audience numbers has come from people aged 35-49. Furthermore, Facebook has added almost twice as many 50-64 year old visitors (+13.6 million) than it has added under 18 year old visitors (+7.3 million). Consequently, people under 18 years old are making up less of the social network and blogging audience, whereas the 50+ age group are accounting for more of the audience.

Mobile Social Networking is
Taking Off.

The most popular social networks via PCs/laptops tend to be the most popular via mobile too.

Based on a simple design, broad demographic appeal and a focus on connecting, Facebook has become the most popular social network in the majority of countries measured by Nielsen Online.

**Source: Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009


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