Social Media Blueprint. Step 1

Preach to the choir. Are your customers already using social media? It’s important to find out and not waste time (yours). Here are a few simple and free ways to do this.

1) Find out from your clients. If you have a steady list of clients, the next option is to actually ask them if they are currently on social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

2)  Use gmail to spy on your clients. Most of the social media websites have now got the functionality to import your address list from gmail into your social profile. Most of the time people use this for personal use, but you could use this as an economical way to get started. Import your client list into gmail and then follow these steps:

1. Create a free gmail account to test this.
2. Create a .csv file from a list of your customers’ email addresses.
3. Upload the .csv to your gmail account.
4. Set-up a new Facebook account using your new gmail address. Using “Find Friends” in the Facebook sign-up process, follow the simple step-by-step process and there you will have your entire list of clients who are currently on Facebook and gmail.
5. Go to Twitter and create a new account with your new gmail address. Using “Find Your Friends” in the Twitter sign-up process, select gmail.
6. Twitter will automatically read all of the email addresses of your customers stored in gmail, allowing you to track the number on Twitter.

With these methods you get to see how many clients are using social media. It’s that simple.


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