Twitter Surprises

Recently a client questioned the effectiveness of his Twitter account, particularly the question of why people weren’t following at a higher rate. Remember that  no two Twitter accounts are alike, and the reasons why people use Twitter will effect your business regardless of whether or not you are followed.

Unlike Facebook where somebody is expected to register and/or log in before information is made visible, Twitter data is there for anybody to see.  One doesn’t have to have a Twitter account to read Conan’s 140-character long bon mots!

It is through Twitter Search where the accounts with low followers can achieve conversion. If your follower count is sub-100, you may feel discouraged and consider writing off Twitter altogether. This wouldn’t be a wise thing to do, because every word you type and every link you paste is cached in Twitter’s search database.

Let’s say you operate a bed and breakfast in the heart of Napa Valley wine country and want to fill up some rooms during a lull period. Tweet specials using the essential keywords (discount, Napa Valley, B&B, etc.) and maintain a regular stream of commentary on what visitors can expect when they’re in your area. Repeat tweet every few days.

Whether your activity will attract new fans is uncertain, but notice what you have achieved: you are advertising your inn to one of the most used search engines on the Internet. You have created the opportunity for somebody looking for something to do in Virginia to find you, click to your profile, then click through to your website to make a reservation.

This is where the true value of Twitter lies for businesses and people with niche appeal.

Remember, if your Twitter account promotes your Facebook or blog or other site, people who find you this way may sign up for updates elsewhere.

So if you’re concerned about hard numbers, focus your energy instead on giving people pertinent information. You’ll get bodies through the door, some will use a different entrance.


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