Opportunity it’s all around. Take a look.

Two hundred years ago the only way you could have a cold beer was if it was winter or if you were rich and could transport and store ice.

Then came Frederic Tudor, an entrepreneur who turned ice into a business, and made a fortune shipping ice to the Caribbean and all over the world.

Technology marched on and people found ways to create ice in warehouses that did not need to be shipped. It could be stored and created locally.

Enter The Web.
Just a few years ago, John Pohlig might have hung up balloons and perhaps an inflatable gorilla outside a Honda dealership in Torrance, California to attract shoppers.

Now Mr. Pohlig, director of marketing, uses Facebook and other social media to try and increase business. Four thousand “likes” later, and Scott Robinson Honda has a huge Facebook base.

“We’re building relevance out there” he says. “Our objective is to reach as many people as possible. Over the long run, this will help build our business and our company.”

“People don’t have time to spend all day at the dealership anymore,” Pohlig notes. “We answer all their questions online before they come in, and get them right out.”

Some 41% of all car dealers now have Facebook pages, according to CNW Research.

Enter The Smartphone.
Nowadays 35% of American adults own a smartphone. One quarter of them use their phone to do most of their online browsing!

Now it’s a cash register. Your mobile phone, I mean. Remember the cash register? Back in 1883 it was a big deal invention called the “Incorruptible Cashier”. Today it’s a pocket-sized credit card reader from squareup.com that plugs into your mobile phone and makes you an instant business able to accept credit cards safely and securely from anywhere.

The cash register comes of age!

Have you?


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