Blogging Benefits SEO

You  Need A Blog Now More Than Ever! Here’s Why …

Despite the popularity of Twitter and Facebook , people continue to post to blogs. Blogging platforms provide users with a simple way of instantly publishing material. Content continues to drive visitors. Blogging raises awareness of your brand and increases your authority.

Blogging is a good way to boost your main site’s search engine optimization as well.  Here is how that works.

The best way to draw visitors regularly to a site is to offer something new upon every visit. Your core audience is more likely to share your URL and information if you have something to give, and blogging provides a good way to get content live and distributed easily. In the process, you are likely to gain high positions in relevant search by having updated content on hand.

Bloggers Can Shine!
Yahoo and Google are now pulling results from more than static sites – videos, Tweets, and social links. Search engines place special emphasis on blogs as reliable sources for updated content. So as you continue to post and link back to your main site, you increase the authority of your presence under your given expertise.

Links, Relevance and High Search Results
New content drives people to a site. If your static main site is constructed to present your products and services, the supplementary blog keeps visitors returning. Social media may change the way people promote online, but blogging is a tried and true strategy you need so you can promote via social media.

Other ways blogs benefit SEO:

Crawlable URLs
Most blog software offers uncomplicated URL structure, making it fairly easy for search engine spiders to find and crawl blog content.

Incoming Links Magnet
Blogs link freely to each other  … more than web sites do. Blogs are a significant source of many posts to social news and social media web sites. Text, audio and video are all easily supported for syndication by blogs. The more media available, the more likely it will attract incoming links.

Active Community
Comments and trackback features in blog software encourage interaction. An active blog community creates the kinds of citations or signals from other sites that search engines tend to reward in the rankings. Loyal blog readers can boost a site’s visibility through advocacy on other blogs, in forums offline at conferences as well as on their own blogs and within the comments of your blog.


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