The Social Media Marketing Wheel

Social Media MarketingSocial media is impacting search engine results! Our wheel explains how:

Word Press Blog/Website
the center of your wheel

Blog/SEO article marketing is important for many reasons. Generating new content keeps people coming back and makes you look like an expert. Blog writing allows your site to be noticed by search engines. By constantly providing new content with specific keywords, it is more likely to move up the results list on Google.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the planet. More than 100,000,000 different videos are viewed each day on YouTube. Engage your customers so they choose you over your competitors. You will need a customized YouTube Channel, your videos optimized for your key phrases.


Lesser hailed Squidoo provides a place where people can be experts in whatever interests them, and can integrate existing social media accounts and outside links to build up credibility. Pages, referred to as “lenses,” are comprised of different widgets allowing each user, or “lensmaster,” to add different functions and pages to his or her original topic, while increasing the amount of exposure of his or her expertise in more places online.

A great way for certain businesses to boost link popularity and relevancy. Combined with other social media, this is a powerful tool in boosting traffic to your main site.


There is no easier way to connect with your future customers than Facebook. Facebook allows you to shop for your own customers by adding them as friends and inviting them to be yours.

Fan pages are a valuable asset because they are indexed by search engines, therefore having the ability to increase your search ranking and draw more people back to your home page.

The possibilities of Facebook increasing your bottom line are endless. Create a promotion to encourage more users to become a fan of your business. Receive feedback on your business through conversations generated through groups and discussions.


Twitter has evolved from a small micro-blog website used to update friends and family on your life to an Internet marketing phenomenon. It is a great resource to post links back to your main site, or your site’s blog articles. By spreading your link across various social networks, your arms are constantly outstretched to draw your customers to you.

One of the clearest integrations between social media and the search engines is the Twitter Search Engine on Bing. This tool enables you to search tweets in real-time from within the Bing search engine. Tweets are now in the Bing News feed, as well as a preferred treatment for content “liked” by your Facebook and Twitter contacts.


LinkedIn is a search engine and has a ton of authority on Google and other popular search engines. Likely if you Google your name and you have a LinkedIn profile, it will show up on the first page of Google. This demonstrates the ranking authority of LinkedIn on Google.

Import your WordPress blog feed to your profile, use Groups to connect with people, create an event and send invitations to your LinkedIn network, get recommendations to attract more clients.


Flickr can also be used to generate traffic, build links and increase your visibility in the search results. Add descriptive hyperlinks that encourage people to click from the image to the blog post. Flickr images tend to rank well in the search results for a certain period of time.

Create a descriptive title for the image. This is one of the best places to post your primary keyword. Write a keyword rich description for each photo and use tags.


Reputation Management
Yelp is experiencing phenomenal growth! Much like Google has the market on Google for reviews, Yelp now has the iPhone market thanks to Siri, the new Apple personal assistant.

If you own a restaurant or other type of business location, another important task to do after claiming your locations on Google Local Business is to claim them on Yelp. Yelp is important because it is emerging as the leading consumer review site for many types of businesses and it currently receives high priority from the Google Search Engine results.

Business owners greatly benefit when their location is claimed on Yelp. Claiming a location allows the business to personalize their Yelp page in a number of ways.

Google Plus

Add +1 to your pages to help your site stand out. Let visitors recommend your content on Google Search and share it on Google+

You can now set up your own Business Page on Google+. There are lots of ways to promote your site and your Google+ page, from promoting it yourself with Google+ Direct Connect and the Google+ badge, to helping others recommend you with the +1 button. Google’s measurement tools helps understand Google+ activity: what people are saying about your business, how many +1’s your business receives and how these affect your traffic.


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