Facebook’s Timeline Cover Makes An Impression

The most visible change to Facebook’s Timeline is the new huge visual strip at the top of company pages. This sprawling 851 x 315 pixel space is great for creating a visceral experience, provided you pick the right image.

Before you run out and create a giant billboard, you should know that Facebook prohibits any kind of promotional message in Cover photos. You cannot reference anything with a rate, price or other purchase information, such as “Free” or “40% off.”

In fact, any call-to-action of any kind (real or implied) is expressly forbidden — e.g., “Download it at our website.” This includes inviting people to Like your page. You can’t even embed contact information, not even a web address.

The good news is that you’ll be able to have an eye-catching, branded image across the top of your page. The bad news is that you can no longer automatically redirect people to a landing page to solicit likes.

This will force a major change in how companies try and engage their audience and build their fan base.

What can you do to prepare for the changes?
Start by creating a compelling Cover Photo that helps tell your story.
It could be a product shot, or people using your service, or whatever makes sense for you.

First Impressions Make All The Difference
The visceral impact of a massive image dominating your Facebook page should not be underestimated. The image you select will play a large (if not the largest) role in people’s first impressions of your Facebook presence. Just keep it super simple, and don’t turn it into an ad.


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