Why We Prefer Word Press
Over Traditional HTML

The biggest reason: Google loves WordPress, and that’s easy to prove.  No matter how beautiful a website is, if it doesn’t rank well on Google, its business value is entirely questionable!

Affordability. WordPress websites cost less to buy and maintain than traditional HTML web designs. Why? Because WordPress itself is a free Open Source platform that allows premium themes to be bolted on top. Your web designer does not have to custom build any of the features that are already there in WordPress. One more way to not re-invent the wheel and save you money.

When you invest in a website made with WordPress, you are also insuring that you can find an affordable web designer to fix or update your site built by another developer! The content is kept in a MySQL database, so it’s largely independent from the core WordPress programming structure.

Also, there is a huge difference in what you get when you go to different web designers. At the J&M Group there is a tremendous amount of work in the background that a client never sees. Most of the work goes into the structure and operations aspects that drive rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN / Bing.

Our latest WordPress website using the Metric Theme from Studio Press.

We design our sites using the Studio Press Genesis Framework to give us a fully supported foundation for our designs . Studio Press support is by far the best in the world.

People from all walks of life and 100 countries use Studio Press to get an advantage over all other Themes. Great support and super functionality.


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