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Books We Write About … from amazon

Beyond Blogging: The Secrets to Blogging Success

Beyond Blogging provides readers with a succulent selection of interviews and handy tips from the greats of the blogging world. Injected with Nathan and Mike’s personal flair, Beyond Blogging is sure to delight blogging veterans and neophytes alike.

Bloggers featured include:

* Chris Brogan
* Gary Vaynerchuk
* Chris Guillebeau
* David Risley
* Penelope Trunk
* Chris Garrett
* Darren Rowse
* Pete Cashmore
* Jonathan Fields
* Shama Kabani
* Michael Dunlop
* Steve Pavlina
* iJustine
* Brian Clark
* John Chow

At the conclusion of these 15 amazing case studies, is what we call the “$100K Blueprint,” which combines the best practices and techniques of these 15 bloggers into an easy to follow 5-step blueprint that can help you turn any blog from average to extraordinary.

Learn from their mistakes and cut your learning curve in half. This book is THE definitive guide to blogging in 2010 and beyond.


Social Marketing to the Business Customer:
Listen to Your B2B Market, Generate Major Account Leads, and Build Client Relationships

Influence, decision-making, lead generation — it’s all here. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to get your arms around social media, a senior manager at a Fortune 1000 business or a marketer trying to pick up tips about this dynamic new landscape, “Social Marketing” has something chewy to offer.

B2B Social Marketing – a first!

While most of the social media hoopla to date has been in the consumer space, social media will have an even larger impact on B2B companies seeking to build deep, long-term relationships with their customers. This book is extremely timely as a guide on how to do just that.

There are some 138,000 entries in Amazon search for “social media”! But this is the first book that focuses exclusively on the business owner and  the B2B marketplace.

This is a wonderful reference book for everyone in the business world, with solid recommendations for strategies and tactics.
For more information click here to read  Chapter One on SlideShare.

Click on the book image to view the authors’ video.

Last, but not least here is the authors’ website.