The Generalist

The prevailing wisdom within the web design community is that you should specialize. Does that really make sense? Is that what website owners are looking for? I don’t think so.

Website owners have an increasingly difficult job. Not only do they need to provide visitors with an engaging, usable and accessible website, they also have to interact with them through social media, great content and other online marketing channels.

Think about it for a moment. The most effective online strategies consist of at least the following elements …  an effective website, email marketing , Google Adsense , Twitter, Facebook, RSS , and You Tube.

Website owners also have to worry about … business strategy, user profiling , competition analysis, site promotion and analytics, and calls to action

Being a web designer in this new decade is about more than building websites.  A web designer will need to have a good understanding of business practices, site analytics, marketing, copywriting, social media and more.

The alternative?  Website owners themselves will have to develop this level of knowledge and become DIY full-time web developers.
NB: One of the fastest moving industries on the planet, the web requires a rather broad set of skills.

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One response to “The Generalist

  • Syndee Feuer

    The great thing about working with you, Marcia, is that you are not only a web designer but also a marketing guru! Your input was invaluable to the design of my website and to my whole marketing approach.

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